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How can we help you?

We are a UK service supporting adults (aged 18+) who are experiencing intimate image abuse, also known as, revenge porn.

The Helpline was established in 2015 alongside the legislation which made it an offence to share intimate images or videos of someone, either on or offline, without their consent with the intention of causing distress. The Helpline is run by a small team of passionate and motivated individuals who are here and ready to help. 

What issues can we help with?

The main areas we can help with are:

  • Intimate images shared without consent
  • Threats to share intimate images
  • Images recorded without consent (Voyeurism)
  • Webcam blackmail (Sextortion)
  • Upskirting

What is revenge porn?

Intimate image abuse can also be referred to as 'revenge porn', non-consensual pornography or image-based sexual abuse.

It is the act of sharing intimate images or videos of someone, either on or offline, without their consent with the intention of causing distress.

In April 2015, the Criminal Justice and Courts Act made it, 'an offence for a person to disclose a private sexual photograph or film if the disclosure is made without the consent of an individual who appears in the photograph or film, and with the intention of causing that individual distress'.

What can we do to help?

Non-judgemental and confidential advice: You will receive advice and support on a 1-1 basis from one of our helpline practitioners.
Reporting and removal of content: We can help with reporting and removing content online. Whilst we cannot guarantee removal of all images, we have exceptional partnerships with the internet industry and hold an excellent takedown record.
Social media advice: Advice on the social media platform’s community guidelines and policies and how to report and remove content to which they should respond promptly. If not, we can help!
Reporting to the police:Advice on how and what evidence you need to gather and when you should approach the authorities.
Legal advice: We have an effective and positive working relationship with the QMUL Legal Advice Centre. Offering specialist support for victims, our clients are signposted to free, accessible, client-centered legal consultations. We can also offer support and legislative advice to law enforcement agencies.

What we can't help with

We cannot help anyone under the age of 18. The UK law states it is illegal to take, distribute, or download explicit content of individuals under the age of 18. You can report what has happened to the police on the non-emergency number 101 as soon as possible, and report content found online straight away to The Internet Watch Foundation for review.

We cannot support people from outside of the UK. You can see our list of international organisations offering similar support here.

We do not have the capacity to provide long term counselling to our clients. If this is what you are looking for, here’s a list of services which can definitely help.

We cannot undertake criminal investigations or report to the police on the victim's behalf. You will need to ring the 101 non-emergency police number, give the call handler brief details and ask for an appropriate officer to return your call.

The person I spoke with was very calming and professional, she listened very well and gave me some excellent advice. The rate that they worked to have the videos removed was so quick. I appreciate everything they have done.

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