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About the Revenge Porn Helpline

About us

The Revenge Porn Helpline was established in 2015 alongside the introduction of new legislation in which disclosing private sexual images and videos without someone’s consent became against the law. The helpline is run by a small team of passionate and motivated individuals who are here and ready to help.

By September 2018, we had helped nearly 4,000 people who have contacted the helpline seeking support and advice for cases of intimate image abuse and had removed over 80% of the content we have reported on behalf of our clients.

We are currently funded by the Home Office.

Find out more about intimate image abuse here 

Annual helpline evaluation 

This evaluation was undertaken by Emma Bond, Katie Tyrrell and the University of Suffolk, from April 2017 - March 2018 presents the findings of a review of the Revenge Porn Helpline: 

Read the evaluation here 

What can we help you with?

We are a UK helpline supporting adults (those over the age of 18) who are victims of image based abuse and who have had their intimate images and videos shared without their consent, or when someone is threatening to do this.

Non-judgemental and confidential advice: Our helpline practitioners will listen to what has happened and help as best they can. 

Reporting and removal of content: We can help with reporting and removing content online. Whilst we cannot guarantee removal of all images, we have exceptional partnerships with the internet industry and hold an excellent take down record. 

Social media advice: Advice on the social media platform’s community guidelines and polices and how to report and remove content to which they should respond promptly. If not, we can help! 

Reporting to the police: Advice on how and what evidence you need to gather and when you should approach the authorities. 

Legal advice: We have an effective and positive working relationship with the QMUL Legal Advice Centre. Offering specialist support for victims, our clients are signposted to free, client-centred legal consultations. We can also offer support and legislative advice to law enforcement agencies. 

We can't help with...

Anyone under the age of 18. The UK law states it is illegal to take, distribute, or download explicit content of individuals under the age of 18. As a result, it is illegal for websites to host any such content, with or without consent. It is not within our specialist remit to search or remove this kind of illegal content and it is important that you report what has happened to the police on the non-emergency number 101 as soon as possible. It is also important that you do not look for or share the content any further. You should report content found online straight away to The Internet Watch Foundation for review.

Anyone from outside of the UK.You can see our list of international organisations offering similar support here.

Criminal investigations or reporting to the police on the victim's behalf. If you want to report a case you will need to ring the 101 non-emergency police number, give the call handler brief details and ask for an appropriate officer to return your call.

We do not have the capacity to provide long term counselling to our clients. If this is what you are looking for, here’s a list of serviceswhich can definitely help.


The Revenge Porn Helpline has worked hard to establish strong partnerships with social media platforms and other industry partners. This means we are trusted flaggers when reporting content on certain websites and, whilst we can’t ever guarantee that content will be removed, we have a very good success rate of removing content reported by us.

Facebook Pilot

We are very pleased to work alongside Facebook and Instagram in a ‘Facebook Pilot’. You can already report any intimate content that has been shared without your consent on Facebook and Instagram via their reporting tool.

Facebook operate a 'hashing' tool for victims whose intimate content is being shared on their platform. If you report the intimate images/videos through the specified form above, it allows Facebook to automatically 'hash' the content before they remove it. Any attempt to re-upload this content on to Facebook from the perpetrator should then immediately be denied.

If your images HAVEN’T been shared yet, but you are worried they might be, Facebook can use this hashing tool to ensure your intimate content can’t be uploaded by anyone. You will need to contact us and follow a very secure and confidential procedure of sending these images to Facebook in order to be hashed.

For other ways of reporting your intimate content, see all the details on our FAQ page.

Queen Mary’s University London – SPITE project
We work alongside Queen Mary University of London SPITE project: Sharing and Publishing Images to Embarrass. SPITE assist victims of image based abuse by providing free and specialist legal advice to any resident of England and Wales. We signpost victims of image based abuse that may require further help with accessing justice through the civil route. You can find further information about this service here.

SPITE is committed to offering a confidential and sensitive environment for victims of image based abuse.  Once you have contacted them, a member of the team will be in touch to take a brief summary of what has happened, and make an appointment for you if appropriate. Appointments can be in person, over the telephone or over Skype.

The appointment is led by a specially trained undergraduate law student who is at all times supervised by a practising barrister or solicitor.  Your advice will be given in writing 14 days after your appointment.

The SPITE project aims are:

  • Make free legal advice as available as possible
  • Help clients understand the legal implications of the situation
  • Inform clients of the legal remedies for the act against them
  • Support those who have been called to court to give evidence
  • Provide clients with all the possible options to enable an informed decision to be made.

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