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16 Days of Activism: Day 16 - Because it’s your human right

A human right is a right which is believed to belong to every person. The UN declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women distinguish ‘violence against women’ to be any act of gender-based violence that results in physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women. After decades of struggle, it was recognised in 1992 that violence against women is a form of discrimination. The declaration was then expanded in 1993 to recognise violence against women’s right and fundamental freedoms, and later to recognise that the elimination of violence against women in public and private life is a human rights obligation.

Establishing the international recognition of violence against women as a human right allows us to reshape how we view issues of abuse and violence against women. Huge amounts of research has been dedicated to understanding the ways in which violence and abuse happens, and more importantly what we are going to do about this to incur change.

We all have the right to privacy, respect and freedom. 
We all have the right not to endure any form of abuse. 
We all have the right to help and support. 

How to seek help for intimate image abuse

If you have been victim to image based abuse and need advice and support from a Revenge Porn Helpline practitioner, get in touch now. You are not alone with this and we can help. 

Call: 0345 6000 459
Email or request a call back: 

The helpline is open from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. If you ring outside of these times, please leave a message on our voicemail with your contact number to call you back. Visit our website for full details
If you are struggling to cope with what has happened there are lots more services and organisations that can help you. We believe you should never be alone with how you are feeling after being a victim of image based abuse and it wasn’t your fault. Visit our website to out find more. 

What can you do help stop intimate image abuse. There are 5 really simple things that you can do to help stop intimate image abuse in the UK:

  1. Start a conversation: raise awareness of the abuse. 
  2. Educate yourself: Use the resources on our website to read up on what the law says and keep up to date with current news and media stories. 
  3. Tell someone we can help: If you, or someone you know has been victim to this abuse, tell them we can help and they are not alone. 
  4. Have respect: If someone trusts you with an intimate image, respect them and do not share it. If someone tells you a ‘funny story’ of this happening, tell them that it is wrong and against the law. 
  5. Be kind: Support your friends and family if this happens to them, signpost them in the right way of getting further help and support. 

 More reading on gender based violence as a human rights issue

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