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IWF Release Brave New Video #SoSockingSimple

The UK’s internet guardian, The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), and sexual abuse charity, Marie Collins Foundation, have released a brave new video to educate the public on how to report sexual images of under 18s.

As the UK’s only dedicated helpline for adult victims of intimate image abuse, we welcome this initiative to encourage people to report images or videos of under 18s anonymously to the IWF. 

Research from the British Sex Survey has shown that three-quarters of men and 36% of women watch pornography on the internet. The new video aims to signpost people who stumble upon illegal imagery while viewing pornography to the IWF’s quick and anonymous reporting service.

The Revenge Porn Helpline has assisted thousands of victims since it was established in 2015. While we can help adult victims of intimate image abuse over the age of 18, it is important that the public knows how to report illegal imagery of children to IWF.

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If you see an image or video of child sexual abuse, report it directly to the IWF

If you want to report a child at risk or you’d like to report something other than an online image or video of child sexual abuse, please contact your local police or child protection organisation for advice.

If you are an adult victim (18+) of intimate image abuse or revenge porn, contact us on 03456 000 459 or email

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