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Supporting people affected by intimate image abuse 

We know that people affected by intimate image abuse rarely experience it in isolation and other support services may need to contact us for help and advice.  If you are a professional supporting someone affected by intimate image abuse, you can get in touch with us on their behalf. We do not need to contact the client directly if this is what they would prefer, and we can support them via your you/your organisation. We will require a consent form signed by the client to authorise the searching and reporting of content online.
You should always encourage the person affected to follow our advice about retaining evidence and support them to contact the police on the non-emergency number 101. You can find more information on the police reporting process and what evidence to gather here. 

Referring to Revenge Porn Helpline 

If you would like us to support your client, please fill out the referral form, to enable us to report for the client.

If you are reporting on behalf of someone else, and you are not a professional support organisation (i.e. friend, family, etc), please do not use this form, and contact the Helpline directly.

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