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Intimate image abuse awareness training session 

Organised by SWGfL, RPH is providing training sessions for professionals wanting to learn more about intimate image abuse and the Revenge Porn Helpline service. 

Who are the sessions for?

These training sessions are intended for professionals supporting adults in the UK such as ISVA or IDVA services, University wellbeing services, or police staff. Please note that these training sessions include information for supporting adults (18+), not children and young people. 

Session details:

  • Length: 1.5 hours 
  • Location: Virtual 
  • Cost: provided on enquiry 

Overview of session:

  • The Revenge Porn Helpline; what services the Helpline can provide including assisting the removal of non-consensually shared intimate content online and case study examples.
  • Intimate image abuse; different forms of IIA, connections between other forms of abuse and relevant legislation criminalising intimate image abuse.
  • Supporting a victim of intimate image abuse; key messages and how to signpost to the Revenge Porn Helpline.
  • Q&A; time for discussion of thoughts and any questions. 

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