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Support for commercial content creators and sex workers  

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We support all victims of intimate image abuse.

Access the advice and information on this page in a video format below: 

Our service is 100% sex worker-friendly. Regardless of what you do for a living, we will always aim to provide non-judgemental and confidential advice. If you feel comfortable telling us of your sex worker status, this will help us to provide you with the best advice we can and also signpost you to more specific help and support services. 

The remit of the Revenge Porn Helpline

Our Helpline is funded to support all adults affected by intimate image abuse in the UK. This is where private sexual content is shared, taken or threatened to be shared, without consent. We work from the definition of a 'private sexual' image within the English and Welsh legislation, this explains 'private' to mean an image that 'shows something that is not of a kind ordinarily seen in public'. 

What's the difference between 'private' and 'professional' content?

When sexual images are uploaded to a public forum (such as Adultwork or OnlyFans) the images would not be included under the current UK law of disclosing intimate images without consent, this is because the images are not classified as 'private' and instead, are considered commercially created images. The Helpline can support removing private sexual content shared online without consent, however, we can not report commercially created images on your behalf. If commercially created content has been shared in a way you did not consent to, we have provided some advice, information and tips below to help. 

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