The Helpline is open from 10:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Support for people in the LGBTQ+ community

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You are not alone. You've done nothing wrong. You deserve support.

We support all adults in the UK who have had their intimate images taken, shared or threatened to be shared non-consensually. Intimate image abuse can affect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, and the Revenge Porn Helpline is dedicated to ensuring that there are no barriers when accessing support for intimate image abuse.

We want to ensure that anyone who contacts the Helpline feels comfortable and safe, and we will always provide confidential and personalised support to suit your needs. Everyone who contacts the Helpline has the right to remain anonymous, and you will receive support without having to disclose your sexuality or gender identity. 

We recognise that people in LGBTQ+ communities can have unique concerns and barriers to accessing support, if you choose to share information about your sexuality or gender identity with us, we can help to ensure you have access to specialised, long-term, LGBTQ+ support and advice services. 

You can find additional advice below.

Emotional support services

Talking about intimate image abuse is difficult, and everyone is impacted by it differently. If you might not feel comfortable reaching out to someone you know for support, there are specialist LGBTQ+ organisations who will be able to support and listen to you.

You can find national or regional support by clicking on your chosen area below.

Professional referrals and advice

The Helpline provides flexible support for those affected by intimate image abuse, and we welcome referrals from professionals who may also be supporting clients in another capacity.

We do not need to contact the client directly if this is what they would prefer, and we can support them via you/your organisation.

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