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We support all victims of intimate image abuse.

We support all adults in the UK who have had their intimate images shared or threatened to be shared non-consensually. The Helpline believes in equality for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We believe that everyone has the right to access our support and advice services.

We aim to provide a safe space for everyone and believe it is vital for those who contact the Helpline to discuss everything free from judgment and bias. We recognise that you may feel more comfortable talking to someone who might have more knowledge and possibly lived experience around the issues you might be facing. Everyone who contacts the Helpline has the right to remain anonymous, and the Helpline doesn't need to know someone's sexuality or gender identity. However, if you decide to share this with us, we can signpost you towards more specialised long-term emotional support services. Below is a range of different support organisations that are both national and regional. 

Intimate image abuse can have massive consequences on someone's mental health. We would always encourage reaching out for extra support to organisations that can support you through what has happened.

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