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What to do if you have had synthetic sexual content created of you 

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What is 'synthetic sexual content'?

Synthetic sexual content, also known as a 'deepfake', is an image or video where the face or voice is changed to replace the likeness of one person with another. Synthetic imagery is created using technology to import an image of a face, or the sound of a voice, onto someone else’s body, essentially swapping their faces or voices. 

In this context, a person's image can be edited or altered to become an intimate image or an intimate image can be manufactured of someone. 

Although it is not their sexual body parts displayed, the consequences of having synthetic sexual content shared can be just as distressing. People who do not know this person intimately such as their friends, family or colleagues, have no reason to believe the image is not real.  

Is it against the law? 

It is against the law in England, Wales and Scotland to share or threaten to share an intimate image without consent. This includes images which have been manufactured, edited or altered to become an intimate image. Depending on in what country this happened, and when, different legislation will apply, find out more about intimate image abuse laws in the UK here.

If someone has created a 'deepfake' or synthetic sexual content of you and has shared, or is threatening to share this, we would encourage you to follow the same advice for intimate images being shared without consent, or threats to share intimate images. You can find these advice pages below, or you can reach out to the Revenge Porn Helpline for more information.

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