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What to do if someone is threatening to share your intimate images

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This refers to an implicit or explicit threat to have your intimate or sexually explicit material shared without your consent. The type of advice below is for situations where the perpetrator is a known person, for example, an ex-partner or family member, and they are making the threats to cause distress.

Is it against the law?

Threats to share intimate images with the intent to cause distress is now an offence in UK law. This is included within the Domestic Abuse bill which can be found here. This was enacted into UK law on 29th June 2021, is the threat happened before this date, it may not be included. 

How is this different from 'sextortion'? 

Sextortion, or webcam blackmail, are scams usually committed by criminal gangs operating overseas. They will have different motives and intentions of threatening to share the intimate images for purposes of financial gain rather than causing the victim distress (although this happens anyway). 

What should I do if someone is threatening to share my intimate images?

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