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Accessing free legal advice 

From the SPITE project at Queen Mary of University London 

We work alongside the SPITE project at Queen Mary University London who provide free legal advice for victims to Intimate Image Abuse

The SPITE project (Sharing and Publishing Images to Embarrass) assists victims of intimate image abuse by providing free and specialist legal advice to any resident of England and Wales. We signpost victims of intimate image abuse that may require further help with accessing justice. 

SPITE is committed to offering a confidential and sensitive environment for victims of intimate image abuse.  Once you have contacted them, a member of the team will be in touch to take a brief summary of what has happened, and make an appointment for you if appropriate. Appointments can be in person, over the telephone or over Skype.

The appointment is led by a specially trained undergraduate law student who is at all times supervised by a practising barrister or solicitor.  Your advice will be given in writing 14 days after your appointment.

The SPITE project aims are:

  • Make free legal advice as available as possible
  • Help clients understand the legal implications of the situation
  • Inform clients of the legal remedies for the act against them
  • Support those who have been called to court to give evidence
  • Provide clients with all the possible options to enable an informed decision to be made.

Ways you can get in touch:
Phone 020 7882 3931

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