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Reporting to adult sites

What to do if your intimate content has been shared without your consent

If you’re reading this because you’ve had your intimate images shared online without your consent and you are struggling to get them removed or don’t know how to report it, we can help. 

Many mainstream porn sites have routes to report content for removal. They should be called ‘Content Removal’ or ‘Contact Us’ or there may be a heading saying ‘Support’; they should give an email address or have a contact form. It will ask for details such as your name and contact details and will ask for the specific URLs to the content you want them to remove. Sometimes, sites ask you to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence, or a photograph of yourself holding this ID. We strongly advise that you do not do this.

If you feel at all uncomfortable at contacting the website yourself, get in touch with us and we will do this on your behalf. All you need to provide us with is the direct URL links to where the images/videos have been shared and we'll do our best. We can never guarantee removals, but we do have a pretty good track record!

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