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Access the advice and information on this page in a video format below: 

What to do if your intimate content has been shared without your consent

If you’re reading this because you’ve had your intimate images shared online without your consent and you are struggling to get them removed or don’t know how to report it, we can help.

If you feel at all uncomfortable with contacting the website yourself, get in touch with us and we will do this on your behalf. All you need to provide us with is the direct URL links to where the images/videos have been shared and we'll do the rest. We can never guarantee removals, but we do have a pretty good track record. 

We can also use image reverse search tools to search for the content elsewhere online, everything we find we can report on your behalf, and of course, keep you updated on our progress.

DIY reporting

If you live outside the UK or you would prefer to report your content yourself, you can find some content takedown forms below, these are the sites where we see the most content being shared. 

Most sites will have a route to report content for removal. Look for a heading at the top called 'support' or in the footer of the website called ‘content removal’ or ‘contact us’; they should give an email address or have a contact form.

Top tips for reporting:

  • Sometimes, sites ask you to provide a copy of your passport or driving licence, or a photograph of yourself holding this ID. We strongly advise that you do not do this.
  • Use a burner email address
  • Use the reports for 'report inappropriate content'.
  • Use private browsing mode on your device when making reports (E.g. Incognito)   
  • Provide a direct URL link to where the images have been shared. If there are multiple images on the page of other people, also provide a direct image address link to the image you wish to report. 
  • Be clear, concise, and polite in your message, they don't need to know the full story. Here is an example of what you can say:

"Hi, my intimate images have been shared on your site without my consent. This is against the law in the UK and I am requesting the images/videos to be removed along with any associated thumbnails. I would appreciate prompt removal of the content and notification when this has been done. Thank you"'.

Find contact forms here

You can find contact forms for the following adult sites below, please note that these do take you to pages on their sites which contain adult content. 

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