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What to do if your intimate content has been shared without your consent on social media

The Helpline works closely with most of the major social media platforms to help prevent this type of abuse, and to develop strategies for quick removals.

On most social media platforms it is against their community guidelines to share and threaten to share intimate content without consent. Every site is slightly different with how you should report the content but there is usually a ‘report’ tool on the image in question.

If the content you want to report is not intimate image abuse but something else which is harmful, such as online abuse or harassment, please find more information and help on Report Harmful Content.

It'll depend on the rules (often called 'Community Guidelines') of the social media platform to what type of content is allowed on their platforms, the sharing of non-consensual images is usually prohibited.

Reporting top tips

  • Be mindful, repeat reporting does not work and can often have the opposite effect
  • Always find out what community guideline you believed has been breached. From this, you can find the correct reporting route which will help to speed up your report.
  • You do not always need to have an account on the platform in order to report something that you may be concerned about - there are often reporting routes dedicated to those who do not currently have an account.
  • If there is a free type box to explain your issue, keep it clear, concise and detailed. They do not need to hear the entire story, just what has happened on their platform and what policy you believe has been violated. 

How can we help?

We can make reports to most social media platforms on your behalf by using our direct trusted flagger routes. We are able to add a bit more context behind what has happened and escalate the report further. You can get in touch with the Helpline and provide a short explanation of what has happened. In order to make a report we will need the following: 

  • A URL link to the profile or post you wish to be reported
  • If this is not available (for example, on Snapchat), a username or account handle
  • Screenshots of where the content has been shared on the profile or where the threat has been made 

Here’s a quick rundown of where you can report intimate images on social media platforms and what community guidelines it may be in breach of:

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