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Stop Non-Consensual Intimate Image Abuse

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What is is a platform designed to support victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse. The platform is operated by us, the Revenge Porn Helpline. works to digitally hash private sexual content and prevent this from being shared across the platforms of participating industry partners.  

This is an extension of the previous 'Facebook NCII pilot' which worked to digitally hash and prevent private sexual images from being shared on Facebook and Instagram. Any images previously hashed through the pilot will continue to be protected on Facebook and Instagram but must be re-uploaded to to be included in the hash bank.

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How works?

  1. Select the intimate image(s)/video(s) you want hashed from your device.
  2. For each piece of content, will generate a digital fingerprint, called a
    ‘hash’ on your device. Only the hash is sent to, the associated image or
    video remains on your device and is not uploaded.
  3. If your case is created successfully, you will receive a case number to check your case status – remember to make a note of your case number along with the PIN, to access your case after it is submitted. This is not recoverable.
  4. Participating companies will look for matches to the hash and remove any matches within their system(s) if it violates their intimate image abuse policy.
  5. You can use your case number anytime to check the progress on your case, or if you wish to withdraw your participation.

Find the FAQs here for more information.

Who is for?

Are you:

  • The person who is in the image?
  • 18 or older at the time the image was taken?
  • Currently over 18 years old?
  • Still in possession of the image or video?
  • Are you nude, semi-nude, or engaging in a sexual act in the image/video?

If all of these apply to you, you can create a case and have your images hashed.

Find the FAQs here for more information.

How is my privacy protected?

The tool works by creating hashes (digital fingerprints) of your selected images directly on your device. This fingerprint is the only file that is shared with and participating companies. does not download the images from your device and we collect minimal data to run the service to help protect your privacy.

Find the FAQs here for more information.

One of the most devastating aspects of NCII for victim-survivors is the constancy of the threat that your intimate images will be shared without your consent or knowledge, and the trauma of wondering if today will be the day that happens. This initiative from the Revenge Porn Helpline directly responds to these harms and provides a mechanism to prevent NCII.

Asher Flynn - Monash University, Associate Professor of Criminology (Australia)
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