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#CutOffTheCatfish – Sextortion Awareness Campaign

#CutOffTheCatfish – Sextortion Awareness Campaign

This week we are running our #CutOffTheCatfish campaign, to raise awareness about Sextortion.  

Many forms of intimate image abuse affect women; however, our data shows that the issue of Sextortion predominantly affects men. Perpetrators of Sextortion create 'catfish' type profiles and are seen to particularly target people through dating websites and social media platforms.  

We saw cases of Sextortion double between 2020 and 2021 and they continued to rise in 2022. This increase shows just how prevalent Sextortion is, whilst also highlighting the importance for adults to gain a better understanding about the issue. Our data was the driving force behind this week’s campaign, as we found that more and more people were in need of information and valuable support.  

More about the campaign  

The #CutOffTheCatfish campaign aims to build an understanding about sextortion, whilst also highlighting advice and information that will allow adults affected, to gain the vital support that they need.  

We will be providing information about Sextortion through a number of ways. Those in need can access our Sextortion Awareness Hub to find various support contacts, tips and guidance. Those who would like a better understanding about Sextortion can also watch an informative video which showcases the steps that adults can take if they have been affected. Organisations can also share this video with their network alongside an exclusive resource, which highlights our guidance.  

If you, or anyone you know have been affected by Sextortion, or if you would like to provide support to anyone around you, please visit the Sextortion Awareness Hub, to find out more about the awareness campaign and the various aspects of support it is providing. 

Finally, if you have been affected by any form of intimate image abuse, please remember you are not alone; you can contact us for advice and information. Alternatively, you can access the platform which works with a number of participating partners to prevent online intimate image abuse.  

Access the Sextortion Awareness Hub 

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