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Everything you need to know about Doxing

Everything you need to know about Doxing

What is Doxing?

Doxing is the act of revealing personal or private information about someone publicly online. This could include someone’s identifying details such as their full name, home address, workplace, or other personal details such as their gender identity or sexuality. This is often done maliciously with intent to expose someone.

When private sexual images are posted online without consent, sometimes the personal or private details of the victim are also shared alongside the images. This can not only cause anxiety to the victim that their content can be found, associated with their name. But, can also lead to harassment, stalking, threats and other abusive behaviours from more sinister online users.

What can I do?

  1. Collect evidence.

We always suggest taking a screenshot of where the information has been shared. Try and include the URL (website address) if possible, times and dates of when posts were made, and any details of the page.

  1. Report what has happened to the police

Although doxing alone is not currently illegal in the UK, when carried out alongside other behaviours, it may constitute a different form of abuse or criminal act. If this is the case, we encourage you to report what has happened to the police with the evidence you have gathered.

  1. Report as a privacy violation

If the information has been shared across social media, it may breach the platform's community guidelines. You can find some more information here from our sister service, Report Harmful Content, about your privacy rights and reporting privacy violations.

  1. Get in touch with the Revenge Porn Helpline

If your personal details have been shared alongside your non-consensually shared private sexual images, the Revenge Porn Helpline may be able to support you with reporting this content for removal.

  1. Take care of yourself

If you have been affected by doxing, please do not hesitate to reach out for emotional support from those you trust. You can also find a list of more support services on our website here. 

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