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Help! I’ve been Snaphacked

My Snapchat account has been hacked! What can I do?

Social media can hold a huge amount of precious memories and to have these taken away from you in an instant is distressing. When you add in the threat to share or actual sharing of intimate imagery that was only intended for private viewing and the consequences are devastating.

Unfortunately, the RP Helpline has seen a rise in cases relating Snapchat accounts and ‘My Eye’s Only’ section hacked by criminals. Clients are often subjected to threats to share intimate images taken from the password-protected My Eyes Only section and, in some cases, intimate images are subsequently shared with their Snapchat contacts. In addition to this, the hackers may even change the 2-step verification associated making it extremely difficult for clients to regain access to their account at all.

What can we do to help?
If images have been shared, or threats made, then the RP Helpline will be able to support victims to help report the account as hacked. We would then suggest following the steps outlined by Snapchat's hacked account process.

If no threats or images have been shared, then the RP Helpline would be limited in what we can do, but we do have a sister service Report Harmful Content who may be able to assist further where it is clear this is part of a wider pattern of online harm.

What can you do?
Whilst working closely with Snap to address this issue, our industry partners have mentioned that in a high proportion of hacked account cases, passwords are shared with others facilitating hacking. We recognize that for our clients this is predominantly not the case and want to reassure you that we are making sure Snap are aware of this. That said, it serves as a friendly reminder to review all of your security settings across social media platforms and change your passwords for the associated e-mail address. You can find more information about raising privacy settings for further advice and you can find out how to report a hacked account on Snapchat.

Finally, we know how devastating this can be, so please do reach out for more support if you feel you need it as this can really help.

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