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How do I know if my content is private and sexual?

How do I know if my content is private and sexual?

We know we use “intimate” in our terminology and the term is in itself very subjective in nature; what may be considered intimate and harmful to one, may not be to another. For us though, we are bound by the UK law - this is that the image needs to be “private” and “sexual”.

What is a private image?
If an image was already shared online: in a group forum, on social media or behind paywall then it would not be considered as a “private image”, this would be a public image and would not be covered under the law. Unfortunately, this is not something we would be able to assist within reporting the content.

With this the content does have to be an image or a video, it cannot be a conversation about sex or any voice clips relating to sex. The content needs to be a visual image/video.
However, there are things that can be done if the communications are malicious, especially if it is surrounding threats to share, so please do let us know and we will try to advise.

What is a sexual image?
We understand that the term “intimate” can be very subjective, but for the content, to be a breach of the law the content has to be sexual. That is, the content has to be nude, seminude (showing genitals of things you would not see in public) or during a sexual act.
If your content is not sexual, but you feel like maybe harmful for some other reason, then we may be able to signpost you to an alternative service that may be able to help

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