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I’ve seen abusive images online and I need help in taking them down.

Have you seen something online that looks like intimate image abuse but is not you or someone you know? We know how hard it is to come across something that looks suspiciously like intimate image abuse, but you have no idea who this person is or why they are on there. It’s horrible and we totally understand that you feel the need to act. 
We take every report at The Revenge Porn Helpline seriously and we try to action as much as we can, but we do have some conditions so we can make the reports as accurate as possible:

1.    The crime, or the victim, has to be within the UK
We are bound by UK law, and if the crime did not happen in the UK then we would not be able to make a report to the website on legal grounds. 

2.    The victim must be over the age of 18
If the person in the image is under 18 this is the very different and much more serious crime of “sharing indecent images of a minor” and this needs to be reported to the police and the Internet Watch Foundation

3.    The person in the picture needs to confirm it has been taken from a private situation. 
This is so, again, we know that the images were shared illegally, and we can ask for the content to be removed due to being in breach of the law. Though some images may look private, we really cannot confirm this unless we speak with the victim, or someone the victim has chosen to speak on their behalf. 

We really do understand that these conditions are sometimes difficult to manage, as we too would like the ability to take down any suspected images of abuse, but the Helpline does only have a limited number of resources to help victims who come to us. 

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