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Lockdown diaries: One small step in the office, one giant spray of antibac

Changes are finally coming and not just to the weather – though I am very thankful to see the rain – and with it comes, well, anxiety. We are all in different places along this lockdown journey, but no step is less daunting than another. Our teams still continue to work from home, as per the government guidance, but we are in discussions to begin the phased return of our staff, though no exact dates yet! The Revenge Porn Helpline are on the top of the list to go back, though we will continue to operate e-mail only for a while, whilst we all acclimatise?

Though we want to be there, seeing all of our colleagues’ faces and talking about the nuances of nudity on social media, it’s pretty flipping scary to think about expanding our networks to more than our own household. 

This is going to be the first time we are with a set of people for longer than a supermarket sweep and it is not going to be the same as it was before. We aren’t going to be able to hang out and make tea, or just give each other a hug after a long time apart and that in itself is going to be a challenge. It’s understandable, and things need to begin, wheels need to turn, but we will be taking it a very small step at a time – making sure everyone feels comfortable and safe in this strange new world so we can all continue to support those who need it. 

Wherever you are on your lockdown journey, know that your feelings and worries about the future are reasonable - uncertainty inspires anxiety, but please do talk to someone about how you are feeling, we can all get through this if we support each other.  

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