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Lockdown diaries: Threat level medium spiced.

It’s week nine of lockdown and things are beginning to open up again – you know life is starting to change for the better when B&Q is open (please, open the garden centres next). For now, The Revenge Porn Helpline team is still working from home and we hope you are staying safe, but real talk - it’s a little bit of a slog, isn’t it? We have tried to adapt – the dreaded “new normal” – but we have come somewhat short of our week one lockdown goals. Yes, we baked the bread and made the cakes, but when it came to work-based productivity that truly took a nosedive. 

At the start of lockdown there were weekly group work out sessions and sometimes quizzes, but more and more we are finding ourselves ducking out of those things to do, well, nothing. Everything feels like labour and this is coming from someone with no children or pets – so I can’t imagine what you guys are feeling!  Though, everything being difficult, and not being able to get out of your comfy clothes or do the DIY stuff, or run around the park is okay; the way you are feeling about now and the future is okay. We are all in a state of flux and we can’t be expected to put so much pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be; whether that’s at work or at home. Easier said than done though, right?

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