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#NotYoursToView: How We Want to Stop Non-Consensually Shared Intimate Images from Being Seen Online

#NotYoursToView: How We Want to Stop Non-Consensually Shared Intimate Images from Being Seen Online

At the Revenge Porn Helpline, we have a 90% removal rate and have removed over 305,000 non-consensually shared intimate images since we began operating in 2015. Despite this, a large number of intimate images remain online, and we are committed to ensuring this content can be removed.  

To remove images, we work closely as trusted flaggers on many well-known websites and social media platforms, enabling us to remove non-consensual content as quickly as possible. We’ve also worked with ground-breaking new technology to protect adults worldwide from intimate image abuse. Since was developed by SWGfL in 2021, over 182,000 adults across the world have created cases to protect their intimate images from being shared by perpetrators on participating platforms.

Why Can’t We Remove The 10%?

Despite our efforts, there is still work to be done. Many websites, often located outside the UK, are unresponsive to our takedown requests or fail to act on our reports. Consequently, thousands of non-consensual intimate images remain online which can cause immense distress to those affected.

Every day, our Helpline sees first-hand how individuals affected by intimate image abuse continue to live in fear that their content could be shared and viewed online, heavily affecting their well-being and livelihoods. Whilst the Revenge Porn Helpline can provide support to get content removed, and provide advice about the current laws, in the cases where websites are uncooperative, there are currently legal gaps that prevent any further action from being taken.

We believe it is reasonable to expect that those victims/survivors of non-consensual intimate image abuse would have the support of the law to prevent their content from being seen online, especially where the perpetrator has been convicted. Currently, this is not the case.

All adults affected by this horrendous and invasive act deserve a clearer means of redress, as well as appropriate protections against this crime.

A Concerning Legal Gap

Whilst legislation changes within the Online Safety Act have strengthened protections, it is still deemed legally acceptable for NCII content to be viewed online due to Internet Service Providers being prevented from blocking access to the public.

For this to change, the Government will need to make necessary legal amendments in order to ensure that any non-consensually shared intimate images are blocked from being viewed online.

On the 8th of May 2024, David Wright (CEO of SWGfL) will be giving evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee in Parliament about non-consensual intimate image abuse, and the Revenge Porn Helpline is inviting NGOs, industry, and notable figures to sign a petition to ensure that all individuals affected by this crime are given essential legal protections and redress.

Get Involved

We are asking you to join us in calling for this crucial change. Anyone can get involved by sharing our #NotYoursToView campaign encouraging the Government to make the amendments required to ensure everyone affected by intimate image abuse has the protections they deserve.

If you want to take part, please share our posts and spread the word to anyone you know about the importance of this change. Together, we can make a difference.

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Support for Intimate Image Abuse

If you’re an adult in the UK who has experienced intimate image abuse, you can contact the Revenge Porn Helpline at 0345 6000 459 or Visit for more information.

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