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RP Helpline lockdown diaries: we're all in this together but, you know, 2 meters apart

It’s week five of lockdown here in the UK and we are all beginning to feel our post-Tiger-King-haze and diligently working from home. We all know how much our routines have changed within the last five weeks, for better or worse. Going into this we all thought we had a good plan what to do: keep your routine, create a workspace to work in all day, take breaks as you would in the office, wear a bra... Only, it’s not like it is in the office, is it?

In the office, you can chat to your colleagues about what has been going on, and for us, our conversations can be very diverse ranging from the Kardashians to true crime! It’s a great way for us to let off some steam, chat about difficult things and just keep the energy up all day. Though most of us enjoy being at home, it does come with its own challenges. Our very small team doesn’t have any young children presently and couldn’t begin to understand the additional obstacles you’d need to overcome (seriously, how do you get work done?). We are finding that we aren’t as productive, no matter how many “do this during lockdown” challenges social media throws at us, and we are getting to grips with that being okay.

For all of you working from home, being at home, we are all going through this difficult time together, and we are still here. We are offering an e-mail only service but we can still help. We understand that this is an incredibly lonely time for a lot of people and an uncertain time for us all, but you aren’t alone, support is there if you need it.   

The Helpline is open from 10 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday and we are offering an e-mail only service.

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