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We are going to show everyone what you have done: threats in isolation

We understand that at the moment a lot of our relationships are being started or developed online, which can bring its own challenges. With this, we have seen an increase in people being threatened to share images or extorted for more images looking for support. This crime is extremely distressing for the person involved, as they are put under immense pressure; receiving messages upon messages, demanding money and sending them their social media contacts to show they are “not to be messed with”. 

Ideally, we always hope that people are able to get support from those around them and get another opinion on what’s going on, as for the most cases this can really deescalate the situation, allowing for the person to take a minute to think about what’s going on, but we know that for a lot of people this may not be possible. This can only make the isolation feel worse and the threats seem more viable.

This support is so important and is incredibly difficult to bring up over the phone, or in a message: can you imagine how you’d feel sending a message to your mum saying “someone is trying to send my naked picture to you if I don’t give them £500”?

We know how difficult the first message can be and we can be there for you if you want confidential advice and support, we also have some other support services on our website which are also confidential. You are not alone.  

Remember: if anything does seem off, or they ask anything of you that you are not comfortable with, you can block them, it’s really ok.

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