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What to do when your content cannot be removed

What to do when your content cannot be removed

Whilst the Revenge Porn Helpline has a very high takedown rate, we can’t guarantee the removal of private sexual content shared online without consent. We know that this can be incredibly disappointing but unfortunately, there is a limit on what our team can do. This article aims to explore the options of what happens when content isn’t removed and what can be done.

Why might content not be removed?

First, let’s explore why content might not be removed from a particular website as there are many reasons for this.

Whilst it is against the law in the UK to share intimate content without consent, and it is, therefore, illegal content in the UK, it may be that in the country where the website is hosted, this law does not exist and the website owners do not feel they must comply with UK law and remove the content.

Some websites do not advertise details to contact the site and request for the content to be removed; in these instances, we can submit a report to the hosting provider of the site but these don’t always get a response.

If websites do have contact details on their website, it doesn’t mean that they will read our request for removal and take action on it. If the site has been created with the purpose of sharing non-consensual content (such as ‘Fappening sites’) they may simply ignore our requests.

Removing results from search engines

Most search engines such as Google and Bing, have tools to request the removal of certain items from appearing in search results. These forms will not remove the content itself but will remove the links to a website page showing in search results for your name, or other personal information.
• Submit a personal information removal request form to Google here.
• Submit a request to block Bing Search Results here.
• Submit a request to block search results in Yahoo Search here.

Google Alerts

You may find it reassuring to create Google Alerts for your name, or the title of the gallery or video, this means that if anything else is shared online in association with these you’ll be alerted via an email. This could help monitor things for you and reassure you that if anything more is shared, you should be notified. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Reach out for more support

We know that it can be really difficult when content cannot be taken down, for whatever reason. It is important to check in with yourself from time to time and be kind: remember, it’s okay to feel upset, angry, and disappointed. This crime was not your fault and you are not to blame. Reaching out for more support from a close friend or family member, or another support service could be really helpful during this process. You can find a list of more support services on our website here.

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