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Your content may be pay to view, but could it also be free to share?

We understand that the virus is an extremely stressful and difficult time for many people, with much uncertainty. Since the stay-at-home order was issued, we at the Helpline have been following guidelines and continuing our work from home. Though we are offering an email-only service, we have seen that people reaching out to our service has not decreased.

We have seen a surge in cases during April, and it is now our busiest months on the Helpline at over 200 cases. Many of our cases during this time been reported to be sextortion scams or threats to share content, which we expected as people were spending more time alone and online than many had before. 

We are starting to see an uptake of content creators from OnlyFans contacting our service in the last few months. As always, it’s important for us to let you know what your rights are when it comes to this type of content: in most cases, your content is not protected and it can end up online anywhere – and not behind a paywall. It’s important that if you want to put content on these types of sites you know your rights to that content, so be sure to check the T&Cs - we know, it’s dull, but necessary. 

During these uncertain times, please remain safe, and know we are here to offer support and guidance if you need it. 

Our Helpline is open from 10-4pm Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays) and you can contact us via

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